Software Developer

Passionate about early childhood development and skilled in the art of software development? You should work with us. This is one of the chances that only comes along once or twice in a career. Join a rapidly growing team, shape the technological vision of the company, and help many children simultaneously and for years to come.

Firmware Engineer

Extracting and digesting the data from our connected & sensor-enabled blocks, puzzles, toys, and play experiences. We need to define and optimize the secure data transfer protocols that will enable our app development team to distill actionable insights to caregivers and parents that will accelerate childhood learning.

Developmental Psychologist

No where else do you have the opportunity to affect the educational development of children en masse. Rather than having to meet with children one at a time, do it for our entire network at once to promote Earlier Childhood Development. You will work with us to develop and refine the network-wide learning program as well as individualized learning programs for individual children and child personas.