Nurture Your Legacy

Your children are your pride and glory. They are your enduring legacy. Their education, especially early in life, is of the utmost importance.

But you are busy and sometimes just need a moment for yourself. Babysitters are expensive and cannot provide the social environment your child needs to be ready for Pre-K. Many daycare centers are poorly supervised and do nothing to promote your child's development.

We can help.

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Nothing positions a child for a lifetime of happiness and success like instilling in them a sense of wonder. This curiosity will propel them forward along their life's journey; to search for answers where others accept confusion. You need only see the pure joy that comes from learning, solving problems, and witnessing life's spectacles to understand the value of a sense of wonder.

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We foster the willingness to keep trying. To achieve more. To never give up. This grit will serve them their entire lives and allow them to overcome the inevitable obstacles that life places in our path.  

Our digitally-connected building blocks track persistence and encourage your child along the path to developing this key trait.



The power to delight is one of life's great pleasures. When it is found in your child, that is a special moment. Their creativity may manifest itself in artistic endeavors or creative problem solving, either way it is critical for their future success. We nurture this creativity with our psychologist-developed program, continually quantified with our connected play experiences.