Help your children find their sense of wonder

Help your children find their sense of wonder


Learning starts early

Children begin by developing motor, language, and social skills. Then thinking skills begin to emerge and your child's personality blossoms. It is these formative moments that shape lives and position children for success in pre-k and elementary school.

To ensure that your child does not fall behind, it is critical to set them on the right path early. As a parent, you are constantly guiding your child towards success but you cannot always be with them as you have to work and they need to develop social independence. But you want to make sure their educational development continues in the right direction.

eBlocks Learning uses data to ensure your child' maintains rapid progress in that direction. Our insights help our caregivers challenge and nurture your children while providing you with the visibility to check in on their progress.

Because they are your children. And you should be able to see them grow up, every step of the way.


"Toys that foster wholesome play will enhance children's cognitive, physical and social development."

  -Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D., former Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price