Earlier Childhood Development

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Getting to Know Us


A Smart Daycare Center platform

eBlocks Learning is a Smart Daycare Center platform focused on promoting earlier childhood development. We give parents unprecedented visibility into the growth of their children and transparency into what their children actually do while they are away. Our system of sensor-embedded blocks, connected cameras with computer vision & video processing, and wearables pushing daily insights to a parent-facing app enables granular quantification of play experiences across our 121-block early childhood development trajectory across social, emotional, cognitive, and physical vectors. 


Earlier Childhood Development is our Mission

We believe that the technological advances propelling many industries are missing in early childhood education. 

Our Smart Daycare Center model uses proven technological advances in sensors, machine vision, and connectivity to promote Earlier Childhood Development and understand children better - why some learn faster than others and how we can help all children along the developmental path.

Caregivers and daycare center managers have it tough. While smart phone apps make it easier, they can be overwhelming to manage while trying to engage children. eBlocks doesn't need hand-holding, so you can focus on the little ones who do.